Injustice – Taking A Stand

“Every time we witness injustice,
And do not act,
We train our character,
To be passive in its presence,
And thereby eventually lose all ability,
To defend ourselves and those we love.”

– Julian Assange.

Passion For Writing

I have come across a few WordPress bloggers who aspire to be authors. As for other bloggers, they just want to get “stuff out of the chest” or wish to express their thoughts and feelings via writing. Indeed, writing is a good form of therapy, especially for those who feel shy communicating with others verbally or who don’t think anyone close to them, would be interested in listening to what they have to say. In my reiki healing practice, I have encountered many people who suffer because they suppress their desire to express themselves. Their failure to speak up often weakens their energy center of expression ( i.e. their throat chakra ). Almost all cases are due to reasons of fear of some sort.

Potential authors tend to have a great fear of readers rejecting their writing. This fear of the unknown is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for success in any discipline. To those who are open to the belief in angelic beings, world renowned clairvoyant and author, Doreen Virtue advises potential authors to call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist them in their writing endeavor. This angel is known as the messenger angel and loves to work with people who are passionate in expressing themselves via the written word. Years ago, when I was writing my book Passion For Truths, I would get angelic oracle card readings for myself, assuring me that I have what it takes to compile my book about life’s larger truths (e.g. the misconception of Year 2012 , death, afterlife and rebirth.) Often, the Archangel Gabriel card would surface, when I picked a card from the deck of cards created by Doreen Virtue. In fact, another friend of mine whose sixth sense is much stronger than mine, could literally sense the presence of that angel, when she was drafting her own motivational book. As such, if you have a writer’s block or some inner fear in expressing yourself, you may wish to ask for such divine intervention.

As an example, you may wish to verbalise –

“I hereby call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist me in fulfilling my passion for writing. May you bolster my faith , guide me and help me express myself, for the highest good of all. Thank you. (x 3 times)”

What often follows after a prayer is usually a series of synchronistic events that prompt us to take notice. At this juncture, it is imperative to free one’s mind from how the events would unfold. (To those who are gifted with clairvoyance, they may actually see the angelic being appear.) Angels often send messages telepathically and as such, we may get thoughts to take certain action steps. Trust is therefore important throughout the whole process.

Finally, may your success in writing be as sweet as your journey!

(Note : Archangels are multidimensional beings of Light that serve all of humanity regardless of peoples’ belief system or religion.)