Illumination For 2014


May the light of the Day brighten your Life,
May the calmness of Night comfort your Soul,
May the New Year illuminate your dreams,
May you be blessed…


Year End Review

As year 2013 draws to a close, it’s timely to look back at what has transpired to see how far the past 12 months have taken us.

How was the year for you? Was it kind and gentle or was it turbulent? The energy of 2013 was that of readjustment/recalibration. And for many people, the adjustments were not enjoyable, to say the least. Economic and weather issues as well as public dissatisfactions over numerous concerns (including unethical spying activities), bombarded the news almost throughout the year. Most were disillusioned and saw life not any better than the year before it. Underlying all the drama, was actually activation of the human quantum DNA field (Merkabah). Quite a few of my friends who are reiki practitioners like myself, often see the violet color when we close our eyes. To the uniniated, that color represents transmutation/transformation-the sign of the times. If one is cognizant, the main thrust of 2013 would be discerned as the remembrance of the importance of compassion and integrity.

The violent storms and earthquakes created so many opportunities for humans to pour their compassion through healing others. Be it monetary donations, physical help or prayers, the light of humanity shone in many ways that good times could not stimulate. Public dissatisfactions were vented in many countries clamoring for fairness from their employers and governments. They questioned- ‘is it fair for the top brass to continue enjoying great perks whilst the majority suffer from poor welfare?’ Time and again, ordinary people were asked by their leaders to tighten their belts and brace for the worse, but many sense hypocrisy coming from these voices. And that led to the many street and cyber protests all around the world. The recalibration process of 2013 is thus an awakening sparked by 2012 – the year of change.

As we move further into the future, the human consciousness will evolve even greater. That which does not serve the highest good of all, will slowly cave in, for the energetic fabric of the world is changing. This is what has been predicted by the ancient Mayans and astrology – the emergence of a new galactic cycle and that of a Golden Age. Channelers, mediums, and psychics also speak of such times. This is also a time of rebalancing of hard logic and the intuitive heart.

When human beings ponder these times, they will find that normalcy of the past won’t really return because the foundation they were used to, has shifted so much. And to many, it’s back to the drawing board and time to write a brand new story. To those who value integrity, are compassionate as well as creative, these are the best times to concoct a new life script. So, be true to your heart, and anchor your effort to effect a positive change in your life as well as others’. When we remember who we are … and what we are capable of, we regain our self-esteem and the prevalent fear energy starts to dissipate.

Let us BE the empowered human being … that we were born to be.

Thy will be done.

A New Perspective

“If everyone completely understood the afterlife, they’d quit trying to keep up with the Joneses and start learning how to live unselfishly. Here [in the world] we can change ourselves quite easily and should use this life to make ourselves into the kind of people we want to be in the hereafter. [The spirit world] is a miserable place for anyone who hasn’t learned internal harmony – characterized by unselfish love.”

– Arthur Yensen, sharing his wisdom after he caught a glimpse of afterlife in a Near-Death-Experience (NDE) that he experienced years ago.

Vulnerability Builds Bridges

“The most difficult step is to acknowledge that you do not know the way. Every human ego contains pride, which often shuts you off from the flow of love, so you have to let go of your pride. This is what you do when you connect with the wounded and vulnerable child within yourself, and that is a deeply spiritual thing to do.

By recognizing the core of your vulnerability, you are actually coming closer to other people. By becoming aware of your own wounded child within, you are also seeing it in the eyes of other people. Truly embracing your own darkness, your own vulnerability, builds a bridge between you and other people. It naturally creates compassion and understanding in your heart.

When you are inside the ego, you tend to judge and criticize other people. You need to do this to maintain your identity. But when you look at them with eyes that see their inner child, you recognize that they are wounded humans, just like you, and so it becomes easier to reach out to them. And it also becomes easier to receive support and love from other humans.

This is what it means to create a circle of Light; to acknowledge your vulnerability, to release the need for control, and to release your pride. To the ego, this seems to be a very high price to pay, but it is actually small compared to the loneliness and despair you have to suffer when you are clinging to the ego.

At this time, many people are yearning for connecting from the heart. My message is especially meant for people who are ready to take the leap: to let go of your judgments, of your criticism – especially of yourself. Open fully to the immense source of Light available to you. You have built a prison around yourself, and I am inviting you to step out of it. You can do it now, you are ready. All you have to do is simply to ask. You do not have to fight or struggle to get out of the prison. You can simply ask Spirit, or whatever you call the endless source of this universe. Or you may do it by way of prayer: “Release me, I want to be Home again”.

Home is within you all, and when you open the doors of your heart, the Light will shine so brightly! Your Light will bring joy to others, and you will joyfully connect with other people, but you will also be at peace when you are alone. You will not need other people to be fulfilled, but it will be an experience of enrichment and abundance to meet them, especially soulmates.”

– A message from Mother Mary as channeled by Pamela Kribbe.

(This post is in honor of the Ascended Master, Mother Mary in conjunction with Feast of the immaculate conception, which falls on 8th December.)