Where The Streets Have No Name

On the streets we used to walk…Shadows rose and fall. Cast by the buildings – big and small.

The pavements were uneven. The edges were like thorns. So at times our walk..came to a crawl.

Behind the corners of each street, lies the mystery of Tomorrow. And so we walked…Sometimes…half in fear, half in faith.

Since this journey began, thousands of miles ago…Strangers would come and go. A few were like friends, others we don’t really know.

We became jaded or so we were told…by our guides from above. And they said “Dear ones..Tired you may be..But time must run its course. For on the streets, if you stop, you might get lost.”

And they continued..”If you ever feel resigned..Why not start looking at the signs?It may not tell you where you ‘should’ go..But it shows you where you ‘could’ go.”

“Even the traffic lights…tell you when to stop..wait or go. So you have more help than you know.”

And in an instant ..those words lifted our spirit. Even with our tired feet, we were not about to give in to defeat. There is a target we need to meet.

Sensing our renewed enthusiasm, our guides flooded us a reminder.. “Remember that the destination is not your target..Enjoying your walk IS! Did you miss the aroma coming from the sidewalk cafes? Or the lovely smiles of some of the strangers who passed you by? Perhaps even the cute puppy at the window of a pet shop?”

“Or were you complaining about the uneven streets that wore your soles? Perhaps grumbling about the inconvenience of opening your umbrella during a sudden downpour?”

“Dear ones… Remember, your walk is only as pleasant as you are able to perceive it. You decide what journey it is going to be. This is where the streets have no name.” Our faces looked puzzled trying to decipher the guides’ last sentence. And that’s when they added..

“Because it is for YOU to give it one.”

(Note: The above writing was inspired by the band U2’s song of the same title.)


“Boredom is the block of creativity. And when you block creativity long enough, your energy level goes down. If you leave it there long enough, it stays there and you enter into a state of anxiety or depression … So keep moving. Dare to try new things!”

– A divine advice as channeled by Steve Rother.

Dawn Of A New Age

The Golden Age is upon humanity. At least that’s what certain spiritual people claim. As for Astrologers, they state that Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius – a time of awakening for the masses or self-empowerment. And then there are those who are ‘gifted’ enough to channel messages from the Other Side that describe the shift in human consciousness that is taking place now. Scientists on the other hand speak of the bombardment of cosmic waves and the erratic spikes of solar flares.

What I have learned and observed over the years is that all of the above mean the same thing. There  really is a discernible positive change taking place in the way humans behave and I have compiled them into a book, Passion For Truths, six years ago. Core issues being raised these days are about Integrity, Equality, Unity, Creativity and Sustainability. This seems to indicate that humanity is evolving from the egoic/selfish state to another paradigm where humans start to care more for others. It is akin to  going back to the core of our divine nature which speaks of Love and Compassion.

Almost on a daily basis, I am able to come across more positive developments. In Thailand, a billionaire recently set up a new political party with the intention to help move his country’s military governance to civilian governance. The person was quoted as saying “I want to see a political party that dares to oppose organisations, institutions, and values that oppose democracy.”

In USA, students in many parts of the country are staging school walkouts to demand action on gun violence. In short, these young people are telling Congress to make resolute changes as they are tired of all the shootings that go way back to the 1990s. It is an open secret that politicians bow down to gun makers because they have contributed a lot to their political campaigns. So, such protests are challenging the integrity of those in power.

Even in the fashion industry, the famous Italian  creative director, Donatella Versace recently expressed that she would no longer use real furs in her company’s products. She was quoted as saying “I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.” This cause has been clamoured by animal rights activists for quite sometime, so this decision is truly another sign of the shift in consciousness.

The aforementioned examples are just three of many real life depictions of the current shift , also known as The Ascension. If one were to google “Earth Ascension”, one would find a plethora of websites explaining what has been transpiring in our world over the last two decades. In truth, humans are slowly demanding and creating a better way of living. And this IS what the New Age is all about – A new beginning!

Death Separates Us Not

“Over Mountains,

Over Trees,

Over Oceans,

Over Seas,

I’ll be there.

In a whisper on the wind,

On the smile of a new friend,

Just think of me,

And I’ll be there.

Don’t be afraid, oh my love..

I’ll be watching you from above,

And I’d give all the world tonight,

To be with you.

‘Cause I’m on your side,

And I still care,

I may have died,

But I’ve gone nowhere.

Just think of me,

And I’ll be there.”


The above are part of the lyrics of a hauntingly beautiful hit song called “I’ll be there” by the group, The Escape Club. Its meaningful lyrics accurately depict how souls of deceased still care for the living. I say this with conviction because quite recently Archangel Raphael ( often known as the Healing Angel ) , visited and informed me that a male spirit requires assistance in crossing over to the Other Side. This spirit was the late husband of a friend of mine, whom I have not been in touch for some time.

To obtain more information about this predicament, I contacted a very intuitive lady who was closer to the wife of that spirit. This gifted lady confirmed that our common friend’s husband did pass away not too long ago. When I explained that the Archangel wanted me to assist the spirit, my intuitive friend said she sensed the spirit was reluctant to leave the human realm because the widow needed help. The wife misses the husband and was also worrying over certain issues. Apparently the spirit wanted to pass certain messages to his wife to help her before he leaves for the Spirit world. With this revelation, I subsequently explained to the said lady and she replied that it made sense. This is because she felt a ‘presence’ in her house was trying to get her attention lately but didn’t know its identity!

So the aforesaid lyrics “Just think of me, and I’ll be there” rings true in this particular case. And to those whom have lost loved ones and are missing them dearly, you may rest in comfort knowing that those souls STILL care for us and are just a thought away.

Won’t You Stay?

I know this world ain’t perfect.

Not by a long shot.

I know not everyone has good intentions..

In their hearts.

I know that sometimes things..

Just never seem to turn up right.

But even then,

Won’t you consider to stay?

I know you yearn for peace..

I know you yearn to be loved..

Many do as well..

For you are not alone.

Better days are coming,

Though you may not think so.

The tides are turning,

The seas are roaring,

Not to bring devastation,

But to clear the floating debris…

Of hate and discrimination.

So, won’t you just stay?

I know you want to see the light,

At the end of the tunnel.

But now you only see a glimmer..

Not enough to convince you.

But dear one,

Everyone is given a torch.

And we are supposed to shine the light together.

Collectively we make it brighter.

Don’t you remember?

I can’t tell you..

When the darkness will fade away.

But I can assure you,

It will stay much longer,

If you and others,

Choose the other way.

So, please..

Won’t you just stay?

Stay with me…a little bit longer.

Know that one day,

We will return safely to harbour,

To restore the original Divine Order…

That is…

A world without borders.

Reclaiming Self

“Your value does NOT rest on someone’s opinion of you…

Many of your imprisoning beliefs are social conditioning only…

You need to get to the level of self-acceptance before self-love.”

-An excerpt of the divine messages from Ascended Master Jesus, as channeled by Tina Louise Spalding.

Feeling Lost And Not Belonging?

In my healing practice, I have come across people who feel lost and don’t really know what their life purpose is. A few felt that they don’t belong here in this world. Interestingly, that’s how I felt when I was younger. It took me decades before I chanced upon people who were gifted enough to give me readings about my soul’s purpose. A few years ago, a Belgian channeler gave me a very detailed message reminding me that I am one of those souls who chose to come back to help. Apparently I have had past lives on this planet as well as in other constellations before. However every time we reincarnate into this dense world, we go through a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ and experience spiritual amnesia. As such, many people do wonder why they were born in the first place.

As of now, there are millions of people whose main purpose is to be a ‘Lightworker’ – someone who spreads the light through acts of kindness and compassion. A proportion of them have awakened and are now into social activism. They raise issues on injustice, domestic violence, gender inequality, cruelty to animals, environmental pollution, political integrity, etc. . Before they embarked on such activities, they might have felt very disturbed and lost because of the way society behaved at large. Hypocrisy, lack of integrity, selfishness and inequality seem to be so prevalent that they don’t resonate with others . Thus they feel they don’t belong here and longed for home although they don’t remember where home is.

Before hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon passed away, she had done thousands of hypnotherapy sessions in which she helped quite a few people recall their soul’s mission. Prior to being here, her clients had lived on other planets or dimensions that were much kinder to their soul. Their home environment was much less violent or toxic than the way most humans live on Earth. Hence, it explains their inner feeling of not belonging. Their incarnation here is to answer a call for help from the consciousness of Mother Earth / Source / God. It seems that humanity was on the brink of self-destruction by the way they chose to live. Their lust for power and dominion over others have taken a hold of their consciousness. As such, there was a great need for an infusion of souls who would help turn the tides around.

In my consultation with Archangel Michael, I too have received angelic readings that quite a few of my clients have lived on other planets in other star constellations such as Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus as well as the Andromedan galaxy. I remember revealing to a lady that she had lived in the Pleiades star system before. She excitedly replied that my reading made sense, as she has this inclination of looking at the stars at night, although she didn’t know why. In addition, she is a very spiritual person and abhor injustice of any kind. I have come across several gifted people who channeled that souls who have lived in Pleiades have gone through their struggles (physical incarnations) on their planets and have now evolved to a higher level of consciousness. Their purpose now is to be of ‘service to others’ instead of ‘service to self’.

To those who feel the same – lost and not belonging, then please understand that you are not alone. Perhaps you are a Lightworker too? As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is” and it’s in our heart where our passion lies. If you feel disturbed by all the negativity happening in the world right now, perhaps you are part of the solution to the problem. As we find courage within to follow our passion to exert a positive change or to carry out a random act of kindness, that action might actually inspire others to follow suit. And that is how we create heaven on Earth – by anchoring the light of our passion.

Remember why you came.