Why Hatred Is Unnecessary

The famous quote – “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts” which came from William Shakespeare surmises our lives very well. This has literally been validated by many experts in the metaphysical field. One such person is the renowned Dolores Cannon, a lady in her 80’s who has conducted thousands of past-life regressions in the last three decades. From her cases, we know people who come into our lives appear for a reason including those who give us the most number of headaches! And the following is what she has concluded from her years of work :-

“Remember that when you were on the Spirit side, you made a plan of what you hoped to accomplish in this life. You made contracts with various souls to play various parts in your scenario on Earth. Some of your greatest enemies or challenges during your life were your greatest friends on the Spirit side. They volunteered to come and play the villain in your Earthly scenario. And some play them very well !”

As such, from that perspective, we realize there’s no necessity to harbor perpetual hatred towards those whom have given us the most challenges in life. After all, at the core of those human beings, are divine souls that have the same essence of Love, that is within ourselves. Therein lies the profundity of the ancient Sanskrit greeting ‘ Namaste ‘ which is still in everyday use in India. Translated roughly, it means “The Spirit within me honors the Spirit in you” – a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness. Therefore to despise others is akin to condemning our own lineage.

The wise will not equate the act with the actor. Although life’s lessons are necessary ……. hatred is optional.

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