Breaking Away From Negative Patterns!

“The thing that prevents the human race from doing this (breaking looping patterns) is FEAR .. and collective fear sits over the Earth like a blanket. You think about people… pouring fear into the collective reality, it makes sense that there is density to Earth…what they are beginning to understand is that as one of them breaks through, another one does… another one does.. This is like if you look at it from the Stars down onto Earth, it’s like seeing lights popping off! It’s beautiful!

In terms of humanity at a larger scale… no one is coming to save the planet. Every human has the unique opportunity to break through this patterning (of fear, greed, etc) . It’s NOT as hard as they think it is. They keep thinking it’s very hard. They have been programmed to believe that it’s hard. It’s actually not that hard. It requires discipline and commitment and it does require some work..”

– excerpt of a channeled message for humanity from a QHHT session (hypnotherapy) facilitated by John Mcluckie.


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